9 April, 2014 11:10

Nadeem Malik Live - 8th April 2014










ASAD UMER OF PTI said that in the resent past the government and the military were on same page but now some rumors are spread. He said that he has lot of respect for the military but support to try Musharaf in the court. He said that it is very important that what kind of language is used while criticizing the military.

He said that transparency boost the trust of the people in democracy and concealment creates the doubts.

He said that by the virtue of dialogues with Taliban we learned that they do not have as much unity as we thought.

He said that if the people responsible to impose taxes will pay taxes themselves it will strengthen the democracy.

SHEIKH ROHAIL ASGHAR OF PML-N said that in our country little things are exploited General Raheel Sharif only addressed the soldiers. He said that the decision to terminate Nawaz Sharif government was taken right after Kargil incident. He said that when someone is ready to do something he does not gives warning.

He said that the constitution gives the right to criticize Musharaf but the military should not be criticized. He said that the military is the main victim of war against terrorism they are fighting for twelve years but there is no result.

He said that first time PAF conducted a operation against Taliban based on intelligence and caused great damage to them.

He said that every parliamentarian and senator pays taxes but now the tax ID number also has been issued to them.

GENERAL (R) MOEEN HAIDER FORMER INERIOR MINISTER said that when the word of traitor is used it upsets a soldier performing his duty in the mountains. He said that the people involved in corruption and ripping off the country are walking free but Musharaf is being criticized. He said that it can be said that Musharaf broke the constitution and made huge mistakes but the word of traitor should not be used. He said that Nawaz Sharif was not treated well by Musharaf he was the PM of the country. He said that Nawaz Sharif is trying to take revenge from Musharaf and it is not right. He said that the military people also watch TV and do not like unnecessary criticism.

He said that Musharaf decision to go for Kargil was wrong we were called an irresponsible state of the region. He said that he supports the inquiry of Kargil incident and civil government should take the step.

He said that the military will must like to punish the assassins of General Niazi. He said that many people involved in horrendous crimes are pardoned in the world for the sake of peace. He said that some groups of Taliban will not change their minds in the result of dialogues and action will have to be taken against them.

He said that it is necessary for the sake of democracy that unnecessary statements should not be given and be responsible while using the world.

He said that more important thing as compare to impose new taxes is to make sure the proper use of the taxes we are already collecting.