3 April, 2014 11:33

Nadeem Malik Live - 2nd April 2014

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AKRAM SHEIKH LAWYER said that he did not day in the court that he has no objection if Musharaf goes abroad. He said that if someone could prove it he will quit his profession as lawyer. He said that SC has said that Musharaf name should not be taken off from ECL.

JAFAR IQBAL OF PML-N said that the government believes that law is equal for everybody and nobody should be treated special. He said that it is believed that Musharaf will not come back if goes abroad and the government will be accused for making a deal with him.

He said that it is a matter of few days now some kind of understanding will be developed with Taliban. He said that it is not possible that Taliban keep attacking us while having dialogues for peace. He said that if the government had not gone for talks with Taliban it was going to be said that dialogues should have given a chance. He said that we should not be disappointed some way of betterment will definitely be explored.

IMRAN ISMAIL OF PTI said that PTI stand is that Musharaf should be treated according to the law just like common citizen. He said that he personally feels that Musharaf should not be allowed to go out he will not come back. He said that when asked that why the plane has come to Pakistan and what will be its destination no answer is given. He said that if the government takes stand in the case against Musharaf PTI will fully support the government.

He said that the things were not going to move forward without having dialogues with Taliban and fighting was going to shed more blood in the country. He said that a division has been created among Taliban groups because of the dialogue process. He said that Taliban who do not obey the law of the land and are ready to fight should be dealt with force.

SHAHI SYED OF ANP said that our party point of view is that the case should not be proceeding against Musharaf only but all those are responsible. He said that there will be no outcome in the case against Musharaf the time of the nation is being wasted. He said that he believes that the government will send Musharaf abroad through court’s decision. He said that many companions of Musharaf are now in Nawaz Sharif government they all should be tried.

MOLA BUKHSH CHANDEO OF PPPP said that in any way if Musharaf goes abroad the government will be responsible for it. He said that if we had tried Musharaf during our government it was going to be said that we are taking revenge. He said that it is extraordinary that first time in Pakistan a dictator appeared in the court in the case of coup.

He said that first time in the history of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif is given full authority by the political parties of Pakistan to do whatever he likes to achieve the peace with Taliban. He said that now it is the responsibility of Nawaz Sharif to protect the sons and daughters of Pakistan to become orphans. He said that it seems like the government is not having dialogues with a group of Taliban but with another country.