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Nadeem Malik Live - 24th March 2014

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LATIF KHOSA OF PPPP said that the dialogue process with Taliban is going on for last five or six months but there is no progress so far. He said that Taliban did not accept the responsibility of Islamabad incident but it was one of their groups who did it. He said that the government has given Taliban equal status as the state which is not correct. He said that Ch Nisar should be ashamed of himself that the judge in Islamabad was killed by Taliban but he put the blame on his guard.

He said that Taliban killed sixty thousands people they should not be pardoned. He said that Taliban are not ready to apologize they call their every act of terrorism the reaction against the actions of the government.

He said that we need our own satisfaction on the safety of our nuclear arsenals rather than any foreign country. He said that Pakistan should not interfere in Islamic world to become the Ameer Ul Momeneen like Zia Ul Haq. He said that the government joint statement with Saudi’s in the favor of the rebellions of Syria created ambiguity.

He said that our country has been freed but we are not one nation instead are divided in different communities.

He said that Pakistan is endangered indigenously we need to eradicate terrorism from the country.

AIR MARTIAL (R) SHAHZAD CH said that Taliban can be forgiven on the condition that they will never get involved in terrorism again. He said that Taliban have committed crimes against the state and it has right to forgive them.

He said that he believes that the month of June is the limit for dialogues process with Taliban after that the action will be taken.

He said that for some time now the relationship between Pakistan and America are focused on terrorism and our nuclear programme. He said that after a long time a comfort zone is found in American management about Pakistan nuclear programme.

He said that he remained involved with Pakistan nuclear programme safety policy and can assure that it is very safe. He said that Pakistan should take a clear policy on terrorism and its nuclear programme proliferation because the world is worried about these two problems.

He said that Pakistan needs to expose itself as a nation, be strong and get rid of terrorism.

GENERAL (R) MOEEN HAIDER EX INTERIOR MINISTER said that if Taliban sign peace treaty with the state they have to abide it. He said that Taliban can be forgiven only if they give up terrorism for good. He said that the month of June is too far the peace in the country should be restored much sooner.

He said that i9f state will go for revenge against Taliban it will cause further bloodshed in the country. He said that there are so many examples in the world of giving amnesty to achieve peace.

HASSAN ASKARI DEFENSE ANALYST said that the debate in America on Pakistan nuclear programme will continue it is not going to stop after the statement of John Kerry. He said that nobody can take away our nuclear arsenals without the cooperation of our military and which is impossible.

MOEED YOUSUF OF USSA PROGRAMME said that at this moment Americans seems satisfied on the security of Pakistan nuclear assets. He said that American apprehensions on Pakistan nuclear programme can never go away completely.