14 March, 2014 11:34

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PALWASHA KHAN OF PPPP said that it is not clear yet that what the agenda of the government is to have dialogues with Taliban. She said that the government has not put its point of view in front of the parliament, political parties or the people of Pakistan. She said that the government has the mandate of the people but it does not mean that PM can forgive the killing of 50,000 people of his own. She said that the government is talking to a banned organization so it should remove the title of banned before having the dialogues. She said that the PM and interior minister could not go to the home of Fiza Malik the innocent victim of terrorism in Islamabad district courts.

She said that if the military should be used for operation in Karachi then it should take action in the whole country and not just in one city.

She said that what she could understand the government wants to hand over the troubled territory to the terrorists and itself be safe in the province of Punjab. She said that the world is watching us that how Pakistan a nuclear state establish peace in the country.

MOLANA TAHIR ASHARFI RELIGIOUS SCHOLAR said that he met with PM today and found that he has utmost desire for peace in the country. He said that the government should release the women and children of Taliban and Taliban should release innocent kidnapped people as goodwill gesture. He said that some steps should also be taken to remove extremist sentiments from the society.

He said that from SHO to SP every police officer is appointed on favoritism in Karachi. He said that the extortionists are taking money from the people in the name of religion but they have nothing to do with Islam. He said that the extortion is being taken in Lahore as well but nobody talks about it.

SHAHI SYED OF ANP said that no matter how long the government fights with Taliban but dialogue is the ultimate way to resolve the problem. He said that his party will support the release of innocent people both from the side of the government and Taliban.

He said that the peace cannot be restored without a military operation in Karachi. He said that the current operation not only could not establish peace in Karachi but the personals of rangers and police are losing their lives as well.

SHOKAT YOUSUFZAI OF PTI said that we can go beyond opening the office of Taliban in the country in order to restore peace in Pakistan. He said that PTI wants to facilitate dialogues with Taliban in any way possible.

He said that the point is that how fair Karachi operation is so far. He said that peace cannot be established in Karachi by police officers of personal choice.